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School Year consist from 3 semesters
Semester 1: September till January
Semester 2: February till June
Semester 3: July till August (optional)

Acceptable payment methods include
Single payment in the form of cash or personal cheque, or post-dated cheques.

Registration Fee (paid annually)
New students - 15$
Returning Students - 10$

Post-dated cheques option
Semester 1 fees are due at the first lesson.
Semester 2 fees are due before the end of January.
Semester 3 are optional (4 lessons minimum required to waive Registration Fee for next school year).

Semester 1 Private Lessons Payment (payable to "K-W School of Music")
1 cheque for Registration Fee ($10 for returning students, and $15 for new students).
*Note: the Registration Form Fee is Non-refundable.
5 cheques dated September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st and January 1st.

Semester 2 Private Lessons Payment (payable to "K-W School of Music")
5 cheques dated February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, May 1st and June 1st.

Group Lessons Payment (payable to "K-W School of Music")
All fees must be paid in one cheque for the full semester.

Preregistration for next school year.
Please hand in cheques to the teacher during the last week of May. If this is not possible, please mail them to K-W School of Music.
*Preregistration is not considered complete until the fees have been received.

Returned Cheques
All returned cheques are subject to a $20 fee.

Lesson Time Change
If you wish to make a permanent change in lesson time due to scheduling conflicts, please consult your teacher (or the Office) for available times.

Withdrawal from Lessons
In case of discontinuation, your post-dated cheques are always returned to you. A minimum of 3 week’s notice MUST be given prior to discontinuation.

Code of Conduct
To ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, the KW School of Music and Art requires students and parents to behave respectfully and considerately while on school premises. Please note that if a student behaves disrespectfully, a teacher may exercise the option to stop the lesson. In this event there will be no make-up lesson or refund. Repeated incidents of disrespect may result in a discontinuation of the professional relationship between a student and the KW School of Music and Art.

Music Store
Music lesson tuition fees do not include Music Books and instrument rentals.


By Student

Lesson fees include ALL lessons, even in the case of cancellation, illness, forgotten lessons, all “no-shows” and P.D. Days. This missed lesson policy is standard and in conformity with the guidelines prescribed by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association.

Students are allowed one (1) cancellation make-up lesson per semester. Teachers are not obligated to make up any additional cancellations during that semester.

Make-up lessons must be made up within 14 days of the cancellation. The lesson is forfeited if student doesn't show up for the make-up lesson. Please note that we do not apply credit towards future tuition.

If a student is late for his/her lesson, the lost time will not be made up or refunded.

By Teacher
Lesson(s) that are missed due to a teacher's illness or professional obligations will either be taught by a qualified substitute or rescheduled by the teacher.

Missed Group Lessons
Homework assignments will be made available to parents and students from the teacher for missed group lessons. Missed group lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled unless the school or the instructor cancelled the class. KW School of Music reserves the right to cancel any group classes that do not have sufficient enrolment. A full refund will be issued in that event (two students can continue with “semi-private” lessons).


Thanksgiving Monday, Christmas Break, Family Day, March Break, Good Friday and Victoria Day.

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