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Children’s Group Music Theory Classes


Group Music Theory Classes (Groups from 3 and more participants).

Skill Level: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
Suitability: Ages 6 to unlimited years
Pricing:18 $ per 1 hour lesson (approximately 30 lessons – Exam in May of the following year)

Students will have approx. 30 min of music theory homework to complete each week. Passing theory exams is mandatory for obtaining RCM certificates. Basic theory level is corresponding with Grade 5 practical piano, Intermediate - with Grade 6, Advance –with Grade 7 and 8.

Your knowledge of music theory will open doors to a world that was previously closed to you. Music theory will help you not only understand music, but will allow you to communicate your musical ideas, and to explore music in ways you have never experienced before. Used correctly, music theory allows you to be literate, and to expand your musical horizon, and to give you a vocabulary and method for doing so. Theory tutoring can help you complete your prerequisite course and give you a head start on you further achievements.

Art & Music Class


This course will attempt to develop child’s creative skills in drawing, molding, making collages, etc, combined with music listening and learning basics of music literature and theory.

The objective of this class is to develop children imagination, inventiveness and associative thinking, widen their music horizons and teach them the basics of music rudiments, all of that in a game play.

In between creative parts of the class, when children will be working on different tasks (molding, drawing, etc) and listening to music, there will be a short “active break” giving them an opportunity to release energy.

Children will participate in the following creative activities:

  • Drawing – learning different techniques: pencil, crayons, gouache, aquarelle, and marker pen.
  • Collages – making collage compositions by using both ready to use materials (pictures, pieces of fabrics, color papers) and pictures drawn by children themselves.
  • Molding with play dough.
  • Experimenting with colors – becoming familiar with color basics and main colors, learning to “feel” the color spectrum.
  • Crafting interesting shapes, characters, creating appliqué works from various materials.
  • Music literature – listening to music miniatures from various music epochs, getting familiar with composers and basic facts of their biography.
  • Introduction to music theory basics – solfeggio (sight-singing by notes).

Russian Language Class


KW School of Music offering "Russian language, grade 2".
Group Class

Day: Wednesday
Time: 4:15-5:15 PM
Price: $17 per class (20 classes in semester)

This course would be perfect for children from 6 to 7 years of age who speak Russian fluently and can read and print well. We will be working with a program of a Russian school, grade 2. Children will be introduced to cursive, they will learn the main parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, numeral) and a few basic spelling rules. Part of the lesson will be devoted to developing speaking and writing skills further by writing small essays and training to speak in public.

Русский язык. 2 класс.

Курс рассчитан на детей от 6 до 7 лет, которые бегло говорят по-русски и уже умеют читать и писать печатными буквами. Курс максимально приближен к программе первого класса Российской школы. Дети научатся писать прописными буквами, познакомятся с основными частями речи русского языка (существительное, прилагательное, глагол, числительное), выучат несколько простых правил орфографии.

Часть урока будет отведена культуре речи. Мы будем тренироваться ясно выражать свои мысли как устно, так и письменно.

Commencing September 2015 the rate for private lesson starting from $22/30min; $33/45min; $44/60min. Prepare 6 cheques - Registration Fee (10/15$), September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1 and January 1, School Policy).

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String Ensemble Classes

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Saturday Classes
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